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Lisa Brisbane


Lisa grew up in Killarney Heights in Sydney and after obtaining a Science degree from the University of Sydney she started her Veterinary Science degree, graduating with first class honours in 1995. Initially she worked at Rossmore veterinary clinic just outside Sydney, seeing a wide variety of people and cases, and it gave her a taste of life in the bush. 

Lisa plays clarinet and is an accomplished swimmer.  

Escaping to Orange in 1996, she has made a home with husband Stuart and her four children at Mullion Creek. The girls routinely excel at netball. Stuart is well known in town for being made completely of scar tissue and always fronting up for Emu's Rugby Club for a game way beyond the age that he should. Stuart is a soil scientist and was unfortunate enough to have to put up with Geoff while in high school at Goulburn High.

Lisa not only breeds children but also Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Cavoodles.

She has completed her membership examinations to the Australian College in internal medicine. She has completed post graduate courses in internal medicine and dermatology. Lisa is a qualified stem cell technician - that means she harvests stem cells and processes them. Her veterinary interests include endocrine disease and pharmacology.   

Lisa, to our knowledge is the only veterinarian in regional NSW who offers intradermal skin allergy testing and immunotherapy and her allergy clinics have helped many itchy dogs. 

Lisa is currently enrolled in a Masters degree and will graduate with a Master of Veterinary Medicine. If you have a pet suffering from Diabetes, Cushings disease, is itchy or has a skin condition, Lisa is the Veterinarian in the Central West you should be talking to.