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Keep Valentine's Day safe for your pet

Chocolate and flowers, the ultimate Valentine's Day combination... Lovely for our human companions, but not so much for our animal friends! 
 Pets with Hearts
When getting your loved one's gifts, keep in mind these top tips to keep your pets safe this Valentine's Day!

  1. Chocolates are infamous problem-causers for dogs and cats. When dogs and cats eat a toxic amount of chocolate, it can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, muscle tremors or even be fatal! Make sure to keep your pets away from the chocolates and keep them supervised!

  2. Roses and lilies are symbols of love; however, they pose a danger to our animal friends. The thorns of roses can be harmful if your pet swallows one. Lilies, particularly the Easter lily and the Day lily, are toxic to cats. Any part of the lily is toxic to cats - causing kidney failure and could be fatal in as little as 48 hours.

  3. Candles for a romantic dinner for two can quickly turn into a hazard! Pets can easily burn themselves or knock candles over if they are left unattended. Keep your candles in appropriate candle holders on a stable surface. Remember to put the candle out if you leave the room.

  4. Humans aren't the only ones who find shiny things attractive! Jewellery poses as a choking hazard to our pets. Make sure to keep your jewellery in a closed box and away from your pets.

By considering these things, your human and animal friends can all safely share the love this Valentine's day together.