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Easy ways to keep your pet cool this summer

Try some of these easy ideas to help your dog stay cool during the hot weather.

Dog in shadeShade

Make sure that your dog can get out of the sun by providing them with plenty of shade. If you leave them at home during the day, it’s best to leave them indoors with the air conditioner on. You could also wet some bedding to keep your pooch extra cool.


Walk when it’s cool

dog walkingAvoid walking dogs in extreme heat. If the footpath is too hot for your bare feet then it’s too hot for your pooch’s paws! If you do want to take your dog out, make sure it is before the footpath heats up early in the morning or later at night when it has cooled down.

Be especially careful when walking brachycephalic breeds (pugs, boxers, French bulldogs, bullmastiffs) in the heat as they find it difficult to cool down via breathing and are prone to collapse in the heat.


Wading Pool

dog poolUnlike humans, dogs and cats don’t sweat to keep cool and mostly they have some sort of coat, so if you are feeling warm they are feeling hot. Half fill a children’s wading pool with water and float in it a few of your dog’s favourite toys.




Grab a regular Kong toy, seal it at the small end with peanut butter then fill it with weak liquid chicken stock. Freeze it overnight and voila – you have a doggy icy-pole! 


dog ice blockDoggy Ice Block

Half fill an ice-cream container with water and freeze – once frozen, place a number of broken up treats (liver treats work well) then will to the top with water and freeze again. You’ll have a giant flavoured ice-block that will provide hours of cool entertainment.


dog in carNever leave a pet in the car!

It may be tempting to do so even just to duck into the petrol station to pay for fuel. Cars can get extremely hot very quickly. Dogs or cats left in cars are prone to heat stroke, which can kill in minutes.


dog cool matDIY Cooling Mat

Simply place a wet towel in the freezer, and then place it under your dog to help keep them cool on a hot day.

Keeping your cat cool

cat drinking waterWater

Make sure that your cat has access to plenty of fresh water. Before you go out, you could pop a few ice cubes into their water to keep them cool. Fill a small drink bottle with water and leave it in the freezer overnight. In the morning, wrap the bottle in a towel and put it in your cat’s favourite lounging spot.


cat in shadeShade

Ensure your cat can get shade from the sun. If you leave the house during the day it is a good idea to keep your cat indoors with the air conditioner or fan going.


cat brush


Brush your cat often, or if you are concerned your cat’s coat is keeping them too hot this summer you can take it to a groomer for a “lion clip”. Your cat will love the extra cool air on it’s skin.