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child with dogsCamping with dogs

To help you have a safe and fun camping adventure with your dog, here are some helpful tips.

Before you go

  • Check the rules of where you plan to camp. Are dogs allowed? Are there restrictions in place - do they need to be on a lead at all times?
  • Ensure your dog is up to date with vaccinations.
  • Check if the area you are going to is a tick area and give your dog tick prevention before leaving.
  • Look up the nearest vet in the vicinity of your intended campsite in case there is an emergency.

What to pack

  • Identification on collar - name and phone number in case your dog decides to go on a solo adventure.
  • Food – it’s a good idea to put in a sealable container so as to discourage wildlife getting into it!
  • Clean water – especially if only river or stream water is available.
  • Pet First Aid Kit -  be prepared in case of minor injuries.
  • Bed - the smell of home can help settle your dog in a new place.
  • Poop bags - pretty self explanatory!
  • Toys - for those lazy, relaxing afternoons at the campsite.
  • Towel - to dry off and wipe away any adventure debris and mud.
  • Glow sticks – these can be attached to the collar to make it easy to track your dog at night with some luminescent help.
  • Long rope - if your dog has to be on-leash in camp a long rope can give them that extra bit of freedom to roam and smell.
  • Lead-  for all those walks!
  • Bowls - a collapsible one for hikes and a non-spill one for car trips.

While at camp, keep your dog on a lead if required. Be respectful to other campers by restricting the area your dog can roam free and wander into their camps - and in some cases steal their food!

Remember, please be a considerate camper, pick up after your dog and stick to designated walking tracks. Respect native flora and fauna so you can continue to enjoy camping with your dog and have many more dog adventures in the years to come.

Here are some helpful links for dog-friendly camping sites in Australia

Be prepared and you will have a fun and safe trip with your dog! Happy camping!