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Orange, NS 2800


Rex is a 6 month old Kelpie who came all the way from Parkes 6 weeks ago after falling off a quad bike. On presentation he was unable to bear weight on his right back leg, was extremely painful, and we suspected he had a break.

Rex was given some sedation and x-rays were performed to determine exactly where, and how severe the break was. When reviewing the x-rays we found that he had an oblique (diagonal) fracture at the bottom of his right tibia.

Dr. Sunita performed surgery the next day where she applied a plate and screws to stabilise the fracture. After another night in hospital he went home with strict instructions for his at home care and restricted activity.

We saw him again recently for his 6 week recheck where he was back to his happy bouncy self, and the fracture is healing well. His family is now slowly increasing his exercise and he will be back to work in no time.