Canobolas Family Pet Hospital | Orange NSW

10 William St
Orange, NS 2800


Kitten Kindy

If you've just welcomed a new kitty into your family or are planning to, we've got something perfect for you.  
We're starting Kitten Kindy! 
This is a two week course that teaches you everything you need to know about raising a happy and healthy kitten. It's an opportunity to see if you're ready for this new adventure or even a chance to meet some of our beautiful kittens up for adoption. We will teach you new

skills and how to look after your kitten's physical and
mental health. 

We will go over the following:

  • Are you ready for a kitten? - what financial and time commitments are required
  • How to prepare your home so it is kitten safe
  • Kitten training and behaviour
  • What and how to feed your kitten 
  • Socialisation to people and other animals 
  • Grooming and nail care 
  • Preventive health care such as desexing, vaccinations, worming and fleas
  • Toys and mental stimulation 
  • Proper handling for children
  • Desensitisation techniques 
When:             Thursdays 6 - 7pm
Cost:               We're having an introductory offer and it will be free for a limited time!
Registration:    Call us on 6362 6991 for more information or to book your spot.