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1080 Poison Release


Local Land Services in conjunction with Forestry Corporation NSW, the National Parks and Wildlife Service and Crown Lands agencies are planning an aerial drop of 1080 baits in the Central Tablelands this Autumn. The bait drops will occur on both private and public land and be over a very large area – up to 900km of bait trails laid. The exact location of the baiting will not be decided until May.

1080 is a highly toxic chemical compound that causes the death of animals that eat it. The bait is very attractive to wild dogs and foxes but also to pet dogs if they happen to find it. It is a timely reminder for dog owners to be especially careful to keep their pets secured inside homes or in backyards when owners are not home. Dogs that are taken to state forests, camping grounds and farms need to be on a leash when out walking and should not be left to roam on their own.

Dogs that ingest 1080 poison become unwell very quickly and death can occur within hours. The clinical signs include shaking, vomiting, diarrhoea, restlessness, painful abdomen, hysterical barking and seizures. 1080 poison has no antidote so whilst veterinary treatment will improve a dog’s chances of survival, sadly many can’t be saved. Prevention is the key to keeping pet dogs safe.